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Got Cosplay? From Doctor Who to Harley Quinn we couldn't imagine a show without Cosplay and that's where you come in: Get your picture taken at the official Lake City Comicon photo booth to be entered in our social media challenge for "Fan's Choice" Best Cosplay!



Photo's by John Austin @Lake City Con 2021

Cosplay Contest: "Fan's Choice"

Come to Lake City Comicon and enter in our own "Fan's Choice" Cosplay Contest! Get your picture taken during one of our scheduled photo booth sessions. Pictures will be uploaded to our Facebook Page on the hour where you are encouraged to "like" your favorite Cosplayer. The top 3 pictures with the most "likes" will be declared the winners at the end of show.


Please see our Photo Booth Schedule, Rules & Cosplay Policies below. 

"Fans Choice" Timeline:

10:00am Show Floor Opens

10:00am Photo Booth Session no.1

10:45am Upload Batch no.1

11:00am Photo Booth Session no.2

11:45am Upload Batch no.2

12:00pm Photo Booth Session no.3

12:45pm Upload Batch no.3

1:00pm Photo Booth Session no.4

2:00pm Upload Batch no. 4

2:00pm End of “Fan’s Choice Best Cosplayer” Contest

2:00pm-3:00pm “Free Play” Photo Booth with your own camera.

3:00pm Voting Ends Online for “Fan’s Choice Best Cosplayer”

3:15pm(-ish) Contestants to Gather at Photo Booth for Announcement of Winners

4:00pm End of Show

1st Place: $100 cash & Trophy

2nd Place: $50 cash

3rd Place: $25 Cash 

"Fans Choice" Rules:

  • Ages 13 & Up

  • All Cosplayers must pay admission to The Lake City Comicon to participate.

  • Each Cosplayer must sign and agree to Photo Release Form for Lake City Comicon to post their pictures online for contest and promotional purposes.

  • Voting will be conducted between 10:00am-2:00pm PST on Saturday October 8th, 2022 online via the Lake City Comicon Facebook page.

  • The top three Cosplayers with the most “Likes” on the official Lake City Comicon FB page album will be declared the winner after the results are tallied at the end of voting at 3:00pm PST on Saturday October 8th, 2022.

  • Cosplayers are encouraged to have friends and families “like” their photo to get votes but only “likes” on the original posted photo on the Lake City Comicon FB page album will count. No additional “likes” from multiple shares will count towards final tally.

  • Cosplayers must be present to win. No prizes will be mailed or delivered.

What If I am under 13 years old? 

You are encouraged to use the Photo Booth from 2-3pm during our "Free Play" time. Kids under 13 can get their picture professionally taken during the day but will not be eligible for prizes. 

Photo's taken after the final photo booth session ends (or last upload to Facebook) will not be eligible for "Fans Choice" contest.  


The culture of Cosplay is one of fun, creativity, and mutual respect. Unfortunately, not every fan adheres to the "respect" part. Cosplay is NOT Consent - and cosplayers who dress in (sometimes) revealing costumes should not accept inappropriate behavior from their peers. Please notify a volunteer or staff member with your concerns. 


Anyone in violation of this rule will be banned for life from our show. 

Cosplay Guidelines & Policies:

Weapon Policies:

Lake City  Comicon encourages fans to Cosplay as their favorite Pop Culture icons! For everyone’s safety and for a relaxing event, here are guidelines to use with your Cosplay experience. 


  • Costume & daily wear shall not exceed the body in such a way as to be deemed indecent exposure under the Idaho state & city of Coeur d'Alene ordinances. Remember this is a family show. Yes, that means shirts are required. 


Simply put if you wouldn't wear it to the post office then do not wear it to the con. If you are still questioning if it's too risque, then it probably is.


  • All costumes and or props worn within the convention center must fit through a standard doorway without effort.


  • All costumes with limited movement must have a handler to assist them to safely navigate throughout the show. 


  • Lake City Comicon and the Kootenai County Fairgrounds reserve the right to remove anyone from the building that is acting disrespectful or inappropriate way towards others without warning. Don't be that guy. 


  • All children must be accompanied by an Adult during the show. Lake City Comicon and The Kootenai County Fairgrounds are not responsible for supervising your child. Sorry but we are not a day care. 


  • If you are in violation of these rules you may be asked to leave the convention center without notice by event staff. 

1. No real firearms – and that includes firearms that shoot only blanks or BB’s.


2. Replica weapons must stand out as fake from at least 10 feet away. An orange safety tip is required in all replica weapons.


3. If any type of blade weapon is sharp enough or has a pointed tip, so that it might cut or pierce the skin – it will not be allowed into Lake City Comicon.



4. Solid prop weapons which have enough weight to cause physical harm with even a medium swing are not be allowed.


5. Functioning fake projectile weapons – even “Air Soft”, water guns, squirt guns, and any toy that is capable of actually firing a projectile, liquid, or object of any type are not allowed.


6. Weapons may be peace bonded either while you wait in the registration line or at the information booth. Your item will be identified so that staff and attendees know it is safe and approved.

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