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Exhibitor Information

As of 6.30.2022 All Artist Alley Tables Are Sold Out.
As of 7.8.2022 All Exhibitor Are Sold Out 
for Lake City Comicon 2022!



2022 Artist Alley & Exhibitors

Lake City Floor Plan EXHIB AA v9.17.22.jpg

Please Note: We Do Not Accept MLM Companies. 

The Jacklin Event Building 25
  • The Jacklin Event Building 25 at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds measures 16,500 sq feet & features complementary Wifi, Heating, Bathrooms, ATM & Handicap Access.

  • Mandatory all vendors & artists are required to complete a temporary seller's permit from Idaho State Tax Commission (see below). 

  • All Vendors & Artists will be allowed setup on Friday October 7th, 2022 (Time TBA) with overnight security provided. 

  • All Vendors & Artists will be provided complementary FREE parking for convenient loading & unloading. 

  • Heath & Safety Guidelines TBA

Mandatory Idaho Tax Info

Mandatory all Vendors & Artists at Lake City Comicon are required to apply for and provide a free Temporary Seller’s Permit from the Idaho Sate Tax Commission (publication 644). Temporary sales tax permits are a type of seller’s permit that allow you, your company, or your organization to make infrequent retail sales in the state of Idaho. This permit includes a simple form to report sales and submit the sales taxes you collect from your customers. The entire process takes less than two minutes. 


You can apply for a Free Temporary Seller's Permit online:

Please see Page 2 of our Application for Simple Instructions to follow. 

You are highly encouraged to email us your completed Temporary Seller's Permit with your application or you can bring a copy of your valid permit with you upon setup at the show on Friday October 7th, 2022.


You will not be allowed to setup until you provide proof of temporary seller's permit. 

What Vendors said at Lake City:

“There’s a lot of energy,” said Mike Dwyer, from Sandpoint, Idaho “People seem to be really happy, and are buying a ton of stuff.”

“It’s a lot of fun, and everyone has been super nice,” said Kim Mahlen, exhibitor

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